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UK Pastry Team Places 8th & A Special Award

Pastry Team UK has come in eighth place at the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon, France.

France took home the gold, while Japan and Switzerland came in second and third place. The bi-yearly competition took place in Lyon over two days (22 and 23 January) and saw 22 countries compete.

The team had 10 hours to complete the Sugar, Chocolate and Ice showpieces, and made a chocolate entremet, frozen dessert and plated dessert.

The UK team was made up of ice candidate and captain of the team Andrew Blas; chocolate candidate Chris Zammit, pastry chef at Camilleri Kitchen, East Sussex; and sugar candidate Florian Poirot, chef-owner of York-based company FP Macaroons and were mentored and assisted by team president Martin Chiffers and chairman Benoit Blin, executive pastry chef at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. They trained and practiced at the Taste Lab, in East Acton, London, to ensure that they had a mirrored kitchen to the competition kitchen and could ensure that they completed the challenge within the timescales.

The theme for the UK team’s sugar and chocolate sculptures was Marvel London.

The UK team also received a special award for best sugar creation. The sugar sculpture was a scene of London’s Big Ben falling in to Captain America’s shield. Around the clock tower, the Fantastic Four superhero squad. Beside the sugar piece, was a chocolate SpiderMan fighting the Doctor Octopus on top of a London post box. The ice showpiece was Thor.

The UK team were up against their share of challenges. In the morning they suffered a power outage for half an hour, and Zammit’s chocolate SpiderMan broke. He said: “I did so many run-throughs and practices with my chocolate piece, but on the day it split in half. The bottom half of the stomach had broke so I had to cut the head off, mould it together and put the head back on and rebuild the leg.

“We trained in the same set up but on the day the temperature is different and so is the environment. We were having some problems with the blast chiller, too. It wasn’t going down to -50’C like we wanted, and was stuck on -25’C which gave us some problems with the chocolate cake to. It came out really nicely though and gave a really clean cut.

Blin added: “I think the final showpiece is the best that the UK team has ever done, it’s absolutely amazing. The great success for us is not only that they completed everything on time but also the large number of people that their piece has attracted. Even now as we speak and everything is being cleared up, people are still watching – it’s a crowd pleaser and a great success.”

France’s winning theme was inspired by Rock ‘n’ Roll while Japan’s theme was Jazz Frog and Switzerland’s was based on Dracula.

La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie rules allow only the top five teams from this year’s final a guaranteed place in the next final in 2019. This means that the UK Pastry Team will have to enter the European Pastry Cup competition next year, which will be held on June 10th, 2018 in Turin, Italy, in order to have a chance of making the final selection.

The UK Pastry Team
Coach / Team President • Martin Chiffers
Candidate Ice / Team Captain • Andrew BLAS
Candidate Sugar • Florian POIROT
Candidate Chocolate • Christopher Zammit
Promotion Manager • Anne-Sophie LABRUYERE
Reserve Support Team
Candidate Ice • Chris SEDDON
Candidate Sugar • Joakim PRAT
Candidate Chocolate • Dale DESIMONE

The UK Pastry Club would like to thank the team and the sponsors – without which this journey would be impossible. Also the reserve team, the mentees and the huge amount of supporters who traveled to Lyon and those that were unable to make this great event.


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