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UK OPEN 2017

4th UK Pastry Open 2017Rules

VENUE: The Restaurant Show (OLYMPIA Exhibition Centre – Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX)
DATE: Monday 2nd October 2017
TIME: 7.00am – 1pm (6 hours)

To enter the 4th edition of the UK Pastry Open please send your CV, a visual portfolio of the your chosen skills for the displays and a motivation letter giving reasons why you wish to be considered for selection to before June 23rd 2017.

Please be aware when entering that candidates must be working in the UK and have a minimum 5 years’ experience. The overall winner will also be automatically selected to be part of the next official Pastry Team which will represent the UK at the next Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, (Pastry World Cup), in Lyon in 2019. Therefore all candidates who enter the UK Pastry Open must be ready to commit fully, with the support of their employers, with this eventuality in mind.

Once all applications have been considered, the list of successful candidates selected by the UK Pastry Club will be revealed on the website: at the beginning of July.

As well as presenting 5 plated desserts of their own creation and to match their chosen theme for the competition, (candidates will be able to bring all the elements of the plated desserts with them but will dress them on the day at specific time communicated at a later stage), each candidate will also be asked to prepare within 6 hours:


A Sugar display
60 cm x 40cm base and 125cm tall, (maximum measurements excluding stand) made of 20 % maximum of pastillage, 30 % of pulled sugar which must include at least a Rose Flower and some Ribbon, 20% of Blown sugar and 30 % free to present 1 chocolate entremets for 8 portions (75g to 125g per portion max including decor) and 1 other of the same entremets for tasting using Valrhona chocolate grand crus.

Authorized to bring with you on the day:
-All elements of decoration and the glaze for the entremets.
-Both Entremets already built but they will need to be glazed and finished on site
-All Sugar and isomalt, syrup, precooked, coloured, pastilles or similar, ready to be warmed up but not pulled
-Food colouring.
-Pastillage plain, cut and shaped but without any finishing, colour on the top or being stuck in any way
-All the specialised equipment that you require (moulds, guns compressors etc.) (Bear in mind you will have space limitations during the competition and you will not be allowed to spread equipment out of it).

A chocolate display
60 cm x 40cm base and 125cm tall (maximum measurements excluding stand) made of only chocolate products using 50% maximum of casting and to include at least 1 original chocolate flower. The piece should also include 20% of modelling and all main structures above 15 cm from the base of the piece must be Hollow.
To present 1 fruit entremets for 8 portions (75g to 125g per portion max including decor) and 1 other of the same entremets for tasting using Les Vergers Boiron fruit purées.

Authorized to bring with you to help you on the day:
– All elements of decoration and the glaze for the entremets.
Both Entremets already built but they will need to be Glazed and finished on site
-Melted chocolate you need .
(TBC later on, 2 x 24kg chocolate tempering machine may be available during the show, where tempered dark chocolate could be used by all chocolate candidates during the competition.
– All the specialised equipment that you require ( ie moulds, guns, compressor etc.) (Bear in mind you will have space limitations during the competition and you will not be allowed to spread equipment out of it).


An Ice carving display
with 2 blocks of ice brought in by the candidate and measuring once finished 1.60m tall x 70cm x 50cm to present 1 frozen entremets for 8 portions ( 100g to 140g per portion maximum including decor) and 1 other of the same entremets for tasting using Boiron fruit purees.
Please note that frozen entremets can be brought in all ready build but will have to be glazed and finished during competition.
All elements of decor can also be brought in to go on the entremets.
The outer layer of the 2 entremets and the glaze will have to be fruit based and can be brought in all ready build but will have to be finished during competition.
More details to be communicated at a later stage about organization work and display area re this discipline

Please note that all ingredients used for and during the competition must be eatable

Each jury will be able to award

For the displays 60points:
60 points for the ice
40 points for the sugar or the chocolate displays + 20 point for the flower
Artistic value with techniques used, innovation and genuine approach, neatness of work, harmony and aesthetic.
Dessert entremets integrated in the display.
Working within the rules

For tastings 80 points:
40 points plated desserts
40 points Entremets
Working within the rules.
Taste, texture, originality, overall presentation, sliced for entremets and working within the rules.

For all the work in general: out of 40
Health and safety during work and hygiene practises, organisation, comradeship and professional behaviour during and after competition, dexterity at work and respect of timings.

Judges will be looking for an emphasises on hand skills during the open with possible deduction of points for over use of moulds

• A floor plan and a detailed list of equipment provided for the competition day will be sent to all selected candidates.
• Candidates must deliver equipment and ingredients for their preparation the night prior to the contest, Sunday 1st October 2017 between 6pm and 7.30pm (timing TBC)
• Kitchens will be inspected before the start for compliance with the rules
• On the morning of the competition at 6.30am, Monday 2nd October, candidates will have 30 minutes to set up their kitchens before the competition begins at 7.00am. No cooking or preparation will be allowed in this time. The competition will start at 7.00 am and will finish at 1.00 pm (6 hours)
• Detailed recipes including method and picture for both the fruit and chocolate entremets must be submitted and sent, by the 28th of September 2017 at the latest, to
• The candidates must work facing the public
• At the end of the competition, the candidate’s kitchen as well as all the equipment and appliances must be left in the same state as on arrival.
• Candidates are able to have a nominated assistant to help them with set up and clear up before and after the competition.
• Award ceremony from 1.45pm to 2.30 pm.
• All candidates will be given official jackets and hats prior to the competition which must be worn.
• Candidates will be required to carry the show piece to a display area at the entrance to the restaurant show after the contest has finished where it will remain until the end of the restaurant show Wednesday 4th October 2017 when candidates can arrange for its removal.
• No company logo can be displayed during the competition.

Candidates will be required to attend a meeting nearer the date (date tbc) where there will be the opportunity to ask a few committee members any questions you may have and to assess the location and equipment that you will have to work with on the day.

The result on the day, 5 prizes will be given out
• 1 Overall Winner with the highest total marks
• 1 Best Chocolate Display
• 1 Best Sugar Display
• 1 Best ice carving
• 1 Best tasting for plated desserts and Entremets.

After further consideration, and at a later date, the official UK Team squad selection for the Coupe Du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2019, will be announced.

General conditions

• The jury’s decision is final and not open to discussion or dispute.
• The Organising Committee may change or adapt the rules and modify or cancel the competition at any time as necessary and undertakes to notify all registered contestants of such changes immediately.
• Printing, spelling or any other errors cannot be used against the Organising Committees.
• By participating in the UK Pastry Open, each contestant automatically gives the Organising Committee the right to publish his or her name, place of work and picture as well as to identify him or her as a contestant in the competition.
• All recipes and photographic material related to the competition may be used for editorial publications by the press and the Organising Committee. The Organising Committee will do their best to ensure that – in the event of any publication – the name of the author of the recipe will be mentioned in the relevant article or picture.
• Prizes are not exchangeable for money or other goods.
• By participating in the UK Pastry Open the contestant confirms his or her complete acceptance of the current competition rules.

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